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Nice work here.

Your posts are always detailed, well-cited, and well thought-out.

Good stuff.

Jim Wherry

Nice article. Kenneth Pollack's "The Threatening Storm: The Case for Invading Iraq" gives a good background on Saddam's rise to power. Pollack pointed out that neither the Nixon administration, nor the Carter administration cared for Saddam, a certifiable ally of the Soviet Union and bona fide dictator. It was only when Saddam's disasterous war threatened to give Ayatollah Khomeini more people to murder that the Reagan Administration made the unpleasant decision to back Saddam. Even then, the aid was limited to targeting information and additional sales of grain to Iraq.

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Reagan was obviously tip toeing In his relationship with Iraq.

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United States maintain control over access to Saddam. Americans at the highest level have been guilty of turning a blind eye for these crimes which was against humanity and should have responded to the challenge of acting. who isn't involved,but people thought he was going to acquire nuclear weapons and has been their alleged involvement in Pan AM flight exploded.

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