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Readers of www.pavefrance.com/blog have long bandied these ideas about, yet Friday, pavefrance disappeared, unnanounced from the web. Does anybody know what happened or have an IP address? What France needs is an intervention, and nurse Rumsfeld is just the guy to organize it.


Mm. I'm not sure the patient would survive the treatment...

John Elliot

Not all French are anti-US. Have a look at these sites/blogs. They are both bi-lingual - great if you want to improve your French, particularly for learning abusive terms. (rated M for mature adults. If rude words offend you then stay away from these!):

The Dissident Frogman

Merde in France
All you need to know about the French exception / Tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur 'l'exception fran├žaise'



For those who miss pavefrance.com, and others interested in French decline, please see www.perfidiousfrance.netfirms.com


French will decline in my lifetime ,and good it will be.Let english rule the world .....Long my it merde on their head

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American diplomatic and military stridency underscore the relative powerlessness of France

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